Short excursus into the history of Nankivska Icon of Madonna

Short excursus into the history of Nankivska Icon of Madonna

…It was August of 1690; Nankovo Village (Khust District of Transcarpathia Region of Ukraine now) was made up of some houses at that time. On the territory that is called “Polianky”, where flocks of sheep and herds of cows were grazing, the figure of Madonna appeared as the bright sun. The tears flowed from the eyes of Holy Mother. All the population of Nankovo Village met around the icon, who thought in deep contemplations, what this wonder could mean!

It is difficult to answer the question, with what this decision was conditioned, but one did not want to accept the icon at first. According to the folk legend the cornfield host grudged a piece of ground where the icon appeared, which had to be given for building of a cloister according to the tradition. The icon was laid on the cart, the oxen were put to the cart but they stood and did not move, because they were caught by God’s power. The icon did not want to leave its chosen place. Then a few couples of oxen were put to the cart yet...

It is unknown, where the original of Nankivska wonderworking icon was taken and where it is now. Now in Nankivska Holy Spirit church there is a list from the holy icon. And the spring gushed on the territory, where the icon appeared, and from this spring a well was created. Water has never got dry already more than for three centuries, even in the times of droughts. Water is miraculous in this well. Those who drink it with faith, treat from soul and body diseases.

In January 2008 Mr. Mykola Yarema when traveling cities of Europe, visited the Catholic cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna (Austria), where he noticed icon of Our Lady on the right side of the temple and found a lot in common between the image and the image of Our Lady of Nankovo. Perhaps this is the original icon of the Blessed Our Lady of Nankovo that was taken in ancient times to Vienna.

On 9 February 2004 Holy Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church established
the date of 10 August (on new style) of local annual celebrity of Nankivska icon of God’s Mother.